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Jack Scott’s Expat Glossary

Springtime author, Jack Scott, spent four years in Turkey and started an irreverent narrative about his new life. Quite by chance, his blog became one of the most popular on that side of the Aegean. This led directly to his best-selling memoir, Perking the Pansies and the sequel, Turkey Street. To add a little descriptive […]

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Repatriation Advice: 10 Tips for Handling Reverse Culture Shock from Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly

Repatriating can be as difficult as moving to a foreign country in the first place. Adults feel the very real pangs of saying good-bye to their exotic adventure. Children face the loss of, well, everything they know. For everyone, there is the job of beginning again. But life has many chapters, and these tips can help you […]

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Cultural awareness is no longer enough

Evan Kuo is the Country Director for a large Taiwanese tech firm’s new development office in Bangalore, India. The Bangalore site has been running for merely a year but Kuo has already hired more than one hundred engineers, with ambitious expansion plans for the year ahead. The company is relatively small compared with their main […]

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The repatriation dilemma

More and more people are globally mobile, moving from their home country to other international locations to support global business needs. Sadly, few companies take advantage of the vast knowledge that these roving managers gain of different markets, ideas for inventing or enhancing products and services, and strengthened human networks across functions and geographies. Also, […]

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Laura J Stephens is Voting With Her Feet

“Expat life has been likened to a rollercoaster ride; my family’s introduction to that life-style began as the millennium dawned. At the time I yearned for adventure and cultural exposure.” More…

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Planning an Expat Holiday

Twelve timely tips from Summertime Publishing author, Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, on ways to reduce the stress of an expat Christmas. More…

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