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Planning an Expat Holiday

Twelve timely tips from Summertime Publishing author, Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, on ways to reduce the stress of an expat Christmas. More…

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Two Jobs, And One Answer To Paris

I have two jobs. One I worked for. The other was given. These jobs look like different coin faces. To me they’re inseparable. I’m the coin, minted by life. The job I trained for was as a psychologist. I love consulting with individuals, couples, and families, and I’m honored to be able to address what […]

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Teenage Years

Growing up is challenging for many young teenagers, especially as they go through the transformative years of adolescence. As adults, parents, teachers, and professionals working with teens, we often forget our own experiences during this time in life. We forget what it is like to not ‘fit in your own skin’, to worry about everyone […]

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Empty Nesters

Transition to life with no children at home is one of the most challenging changes for most parents. Learning how to be an ‘empty nester’ is not an automatic process. You need to learn how to shop and cook for two people, not five or six; you need to find ways to fill the time […]

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Let’s Talk About the Weather

We see each other in the distance, but we act like we don’t. We just keep walking, gradually approaching one another. After all, we don’t know each other. But it’s also true that we don’t not know each other entirely. We’ve done this before, every day for nearly the last week. Twenty meters to go. […]

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University Transition

It is that time of year, again – the time when many of us are settling our kids into university and adapting to life with them living away from home. It is a challenging time, full of change and transition. It is an emotional time, both for us as parents, as well as for our […]

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