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Juicy Life – Out Now in Print and Digital Editions

8 Surprising Steps to Awaken Your True Self

Andrea Anstiss

Leap into a transformational journey of discovery.
Uncover your innate preciousness.
Embrace your extraordinary Juicy Life.

Transpersonal psychotherapist Andrea Anstiss invites you to explore 8 remarkable steps that will challenge and surprise you. 8 steps that have the power to transform your life.

Unearth your emotional blueprint and your inherited ‘Tricky Traits’ – deep-rooted patterns of behaviour that can adversely affect your relationships, health, work and finances.

Discover how your ancestral lineage has influenced your life.

Face your Tricky Traits head-on through a series of Deep Dives, and with radical honesty, learn how to transform them.

Confidently own the skills and strengths already within you,  and feel the Joy of making fresh and empowered choices.

Claim your prize: the delight, wonder and spaciousness of your True Self.

The wisdom, insight and tools from more than 35 years of healing experience are within these pages.


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