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The Guilty Can’t Say Goodbye – Out now!

Three women. Three secrets. Three broken lives. ​Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore Can we ever escape our past? When three women move to Portugal and are thrown together by happenstance, little do they know how dramatically their lives are about to change. Fatima Khan is a Pakistani writer with a gift for languages, a German husband, a… Read More The Guilty Can’t Say Goodbye – Out now!

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Who Wrote That?

Leoshine, Princess Oracle, Book One of the Leoshine Series, has been edited within an inch of her life! So much so that I don’t recognise parts that I wrote! There have been many beta readers besides Marcia Laycock, Christina Petre and Colleen McCubbin who have put their professional stamp on the manuscript. Perhaps it is… Read More Who Wrote That?

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Jack Scott on Mic and Pen

Check out Expat Bookshop manager Jack Scott’s interview with Nicola MacCameron on Mic and Pen. “Throughout human history, words of fiction have provided answers to age-old questions big and small. Fables, parables, myths, folklore or tall tales – passed down, written down and repurposed – nothing grips the imagination quite like a cracking story told… Read More Jack Scott on Mic and Pen