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Perking the Pansies, witty and outlandish

“The book is replete with witty dialog and outlandish characters. The narrator, Jack, while seeming to present their daily life in a straightforward way, tends to throw his husband and their new acquaintances into high relief while keeping his own personality shaded and his own emotions in check. The device works well, mostly because Scott […]

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Turkey Street, a tasty Turkish delight

“Both Jack (the narrator) and Liam (his husband) have the kind of breezy wit that keeps the story moving with grace and style. Author Scott has the rare ability to speak volumes with a few well chosen words and tongue-in-cheek innuendo. ” The Book | The Review

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Perking the Pansies – a lot of fun

Five years on, Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey is still getting great reviews. “Two middle aged gay Brits fed up with the rat race take an early retirement and move to Turkey. This is a very well written account of those events. His descriptions of the people, places and situations put you […]

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Jae De Wylde Reviews Turkey Street

Jae de Wylde, author of The Thinking Tank and Sleeping People Lie reviews Turkey Street, Jack and Liam move to Bodrum. I particularly enjoyed the insightful comments on Turkey, its history, political, economic and cultural confusion and the outrageous audacity of this very loving couple to attempt life in a country as it focusses more […]

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Roving Jay reviews Postcards from the Ege

Travel writer, Roving Jay, reviews Postcards from the Ege by Springtime author, Jack Scott. “In Jack’s own words, his postcards are a personal perspective of what he’s ‘seen and done, liked and disliked’ in Turkey. Although he’s relocated back to the UK, Jack’s love affair with Turkey has endured. If you’re considering visiting Turkey, his Postcards […]

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