Thriving Abroad Podcast with Louise Ross, author of Women Who Walk

Louise Ross, author of Women Who Walk, talks to Louise Wiles of Thriving Abroad. Enjoy this fascinating conversation where Louise shares:

  • What she learned from these diverse stories.
  • The personal benefit of documenting our own stories irrespective of whether we share them.
  • The personal strengths and characteristics that Louise recognised in the personal stories – I am sure you will relate.
  • The themes that bubbled up through the stories – many that you will recognise.
  • wWhat motivates people to move once, settle and then decide to uproot and move on again?
  • The value of recording our stories so that others can benefit from our experience and lessons.

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About Women Who Walk


Women Who Walk – Now on Kindle

“This book is not only for people who desire to live another life, but for people who want to feel inspired by those “blueprint breakers” who make it happen. Regardless of whether you move or not, this book will fill you with the power of possibility!”

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About the Book

Louise Ross, author of Women Who Walk on writing the right book

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN you discover that you’re writing the wrong memoir? Well, if you are Louise Ross, you make the decision to write the right book. In this case, it was going from writing her own memoir to instead writing a collective one that includes the tales of the women she met in her expatriate journey. Ever had the feeling that what you are writing is not the right book? I think it happens to every writer at one time or another. If you’ve ever wanted to shelve one idea for another, please come along with Louise and find out how to make that decision. Here is a guest post from her featuring her newly-published book.

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Louise Ross, author of Women Who Walk on Expat Focus

What was it that prompted you to write it? 

“Not long after moving to Portugal, I was hearing captivating personal stories from women in the international community, the caliber of which caused me to take stock of just how exciting and stimulating it was to be mingling with a group of worldly, educated, well-traveled and intrepid, multi-lingual individuals. I decided some of those stories were worth recording, for posterity, because the oral histories that make up Women Who Walk straddle two centuries and the massive global changes that have taken place during that time. 

And ultimately, I was motivated by my conviction that the truth of women’s lives matter: the personal triumphs and disappointments, educational and professional achievements and failures, travels, adventures and discoveries, the decision to marry or not marry, the decision to have or not have children; plain and simple, women’s lives matter.”

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