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Thriving Abroad Podcast with Teru Clavel, author of World Class

Teru Clavel, author of World Class, talks to Louise Wiles of Thriving Abroad.

Teru’s insights, advice and expertise will help you think about what matters most to you and your children in relation to education and how you can best support them during their international educational journey.

  • World ClassTeru shares her family’s adventures through three cities in Asia: Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, a move back to the USA to Palo Alto and finally New York.
  • Teru talks about the educational choices she made and why – they may surprise you.
  • She discusses the Asian approach to education and what we can learn from it.
  • She shares the challenges that she and her family faced, and the positive outcomes they enjoyed.
  • Teru gives her advice for scoping out a school.
  • We hear about Teru’s personal turnaround from struggling to flourishing in China.
  • There is a call out to the value of an international outlook and the development of global competencies for our children.

Listen to the audio podcast:

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About World Class, One Mother’s Journey Halfway Around the Globe in Search of the Best Education for Her Children.

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