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Writing Through Challenging Times

The Benefits and How to Get Going

This was one week into ‘lock down’ and I knew I needed something to get me focused, to wrestle me away from the endless scrolling, the hopeless searching for better news as I tried to wrap my head around this new reality. I hesitated. Did I need more Facebook? Did I really want to commit to two weeks of having to write – something – every day?

Jo Parfitt on Thriving Abroad

In this podcast, hosted by Louise Wiles at Thriving Abroad, Jo Parfitt shares her passion and enthusiasm for writing. She talks about:

  • How she has built a career and portable business out of writing.
  • The benefits of writing, even if no-one else ever sees it.
  • The four reasons for writing content that is worth sharing.
  • Resources that you can use to inspire your writing.
  • How you can get started.

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