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Jo Parfitt reviews Expat Partner

Expat Partner – Staying Active & Finding Work by Carine Bormans and Marie Geukens

Expat Partner

As the person behind the Career in Your Suitcase concept and co-author of the fourth edition of the book of the same name I am a sucker for books on dual careers. This is such an important topic and yet there are remarkably few books out there that explain how to find fulfilling work despite moving from one place to another. Now, Carine Bormans and Marie Geukens, two Belgian fifty-somethings with decades of first-hand experience have put what they have learned into an inspiring book.

It’s not often that I read a book on this topic that impresses me with new material, but the innovative pie concept that Bormans created for her workshops is a winner. The idea that most postings require compromise on the part of the accompanying partner and that they will have to choose which of the five crucial elements (slices of pie) can go on their plate while others are relegated to the fridge is both inspiring and useful. The third section of the book is dedicated to the  crucial element no career should be without –  ‘flow’. We learn how to identify it and ensure it has a part in your own career planning. It’s spot on, frankly. Until now I’d assumed flow was flow and like being in the zone.  Now I discover there are two types of flow – central flow and flexible flow. Intriguing.

So, this book does indeed have something new to offer. It is written in a clear accessible style and is backed up by case studies, research, expert opinion and statistics. I particularly enjoyed the authors’ own stories and how they too related to pie and flow.

Of course, I’m likely to think pah, it’s not as good as our book. And I’m delighted to see that Colleen and I get plenty of mentions (thanks for that!) but it’s different. It brings plenty of new ideas to the table and deserves to a place on any bookshelf.

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