You Are the Horse and You Are the Rider – readable, well-written and impressive

This book is studded with brilliant insights!

Dr James Allen BA, MS, MD, Senior Advisor, Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility, Chevron

“A very readable, very well written impressive book with an intriguing title! The author is a very experienced national and international mental health practitioner. The book skilfully brings together complex and abstruse psychological theories and explains them in a simple understandable form which can then be used by anyone looking to manage change successfully.”

Dr Richard Tomlins MB, BB, FRACGP, BEcon, Medicine.

About the Book

Author: Sara Beaumont-Connop

Some people born in 1960 grew up on remote hilltops yodelling into the paddocks below; Sara was one of those people. An Antipodean child whose feet always headed outside into nature and whose head was forever in the long white clouds and her heart was always looking up at the stars for the biggest picture. To those ends she has always devoted her life to encapsulating and understanding the magic of our holistic nature and translating this into teaching, training and facilitating opportunities for others. "You are the Horse and You are the Rider" is the culmination and distillation of her development of psychophysiological constructs describing this magic. Unique to both the worlds of psychological thought and physiological science, because these constructs combine both the psychological and physical reflecting who we actually are rather than maintaining them as separate!

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