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Happy Around the Globe Guide: Press Release

‘Emotional impact of emigrating is often overlooked.’

Globetrotter Sophie Bosch-van Doorn has written a guide and journal in one for expats, international students, digital nomads and anyone else living or moving abroad.

“Moving to a foreign country sounds like an exciting adventure – and it is – but very few people are prepared for the emotional and mental effects,” says Sophie Bosch-van Doorn. Having lived in five different foreign countries herself, she knows from experience that there are always complications, and they can have an unexpected impact on you – from culture shock and miscommunication to home sickness and loneliness. That’s why she wrote Happy Around the Globe Guide – 10 Principles for Happiness and Success when Living Abroad. The book will be published on 24 June 2022.

According to Sophie Bosch-van Doorn, living abroad affects everyone differently. “I wouldn’t have missed the experience for the world. Each period abroad has left me with some cherished memories and some bizarre anecdotes, but above all, it has had a strong influence on my personal development. While I was living abroad, I became fascinated by the differences between different people’s experiences. Some of them had a fantastic time overall, while others were terribly lonely and felt completely adrift.”

But according to Bosch-van Doorn, what everyone has in common is that it’s never entirely plain sailing, plus they find themselves riding a cultural and emotional rollercoaster. “With that in mind, it’s pretty bizarre that so many people embark on this life-changing event with so little preparation. They are mainly focused on the practical aspects of living abroad; the emotional side often gets overlooked.”

She believes that it’s important to consider that aspect too – to know what lies ahead, and how you can deal with it. “Moving abroad demands a lot of time and energy, plus it often has a big impact on the people you leave behind. So it’s a shame – to put it mildly – if your adventure fails to live up to expectations or doesn’t go as smoothly as it could have with a bit more preparation.” 

Against this backdrop, Bosch-van Doorn is keen to support everyone who is living or planning to move abroad, from expats to international students, digital nomads and anyone else who is emigrating to a different country, whether temporarily or permanently. As an experienced globetrotter, she helps emigrants worldwide to settle into their new home more quickly and easily by providing training and coaching, and now also through her new book: Happy Around the Globe Guide – 10 Principles for Happiness and Success when Living Abroad. “It’s a guide and a journal in one which prepares you for all the cultural and emotional aspects you may face during your time abroad. In my view, it’s the ultimate gift to accompany a move to a different country, whether for yourself or someone else.”

About the author

Sophie Bosch-van Doorn (1980) is married with two daughters and has a master’s degree in International Business. She is located in the Netherlands, but has previously lived in Thailand (Bangkok), Indonesia (Jakarta), Hong Kong, India (Bangalore) and France (Paris). Through her company, Happy around the Globe, she provides intercultural training and coaching to people who are moving abroad for any length of time.

About the book

Happy Around the Globe Guide

Hardcover | 224 pages | ISBN: 9789090359496 | €30

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