Great Reviews for Financial Planning for Global Living

“Having suffered the trials and tribulations of going expat in my mid-career in the 1990s, I wish that I had been given the information in this book those many years ago. Jennifer Patterson takes a complex and emotional subject and lays out a clear strategy for any individual or family trying to navigate the many conflicting forces at play when you move country, move job, and move out of a safe “home” environment. Jennifer lays out a bold manifesto, based on solid principles and experience. This book can save you money, your marriage/partnership, and a lot of emotional turmoil that normally leads to ill-health. Well worth reading and acting on the key ideas.” 

Lorne Mitchell, Managing Director, Objective Designers Ltd.

“Although this may be the financial planning profession’s best resource on cross-border planning issues faced by people navigating among a variety of national and local tax jurisdictions, Financial Planning for Global Living also serves as a valuable guidebook for how to live a better, more prosperous, more intentional life.”

Bob Veres, Publisher, Inside Information

“Jennifer Patterson is passionate about the importance of creating a financial foundation that supports individuals and families living globally. This book is the culmination of her many years’ experience — both personal and professional — of the realities of cross-border living, and it resonates with the warmth and wisdom she brings to this often neglected part of our lives. She blends practical guidance with a firsthand understanding of the challenges cross-border families face, helping us to achieve long-term security in an ever changing world.”

Rachel Yates, Creator, The Expat Lifeline

“Jennifer Patterson has written a must-read primer for anyone amidst or considering cross-cultural living… Read this book — and learn from one of the best. Financial Planning for Global Living is the exhaustive field guide that should be included with every international assignment so the issues that matter are dealt with from the start of this wonderful global adventure.”

Andrew Jernigan, Expat Insurance Broker and Co-founder, International Care


Author: Jennifer Patterson

Jennifer Patterson, CFP®, CIMA®, TEP is a recognized pioneer in cross-border wealth and life design. She has lived overseas over half her life and raised two tri-national kids with her dual-national husband. She is the author of “Financial Planning for Global Living: Go Beyond Cross-Border Tax and Legal Complexity to Location Independence, Financial Freedom and True Life Satisfaction” and “When Families Cross Borders: A Guide for Internationally Mobile People”, which was the first book to address financial planning and wealth management for multinational families, dual citizens and the globally mobile. She contributed to “Living Your Best Life Abroad: Resources, Tips and Tools For Women Accompanying Their Partners on an International Move” and “Expat Women: Confessions-50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad”. Jennifer is the founder of Patterson Partners Ltd., an independent financial advisory firm specializing in cross-border tax and financial planning that is known as “the secret advantage” to families with U.S. connections.

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